Buck Martinez and the Infinite Loop…

I’d wanted to do something funny involving Buck Martinez because I figured some of my friends who are Blue Jays fans might get a kick out of it -and/or- I’m upset the Brewers lost today, so I’m getting revenge…or, both (and, I wish them a Happy Canada Day, regardless), so I drew made this picture […]

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Caution: A Limited Edition Jason Kendall Multi-Occasion Greeting Card…

Because the world needs scary drawings of Jason Kendall with decorative backgrounds a bit more often than anyone has found it necessary to admit…     You could even have and use this card, using your right click-y magic and/or tools of the mind, if you were longing for this limited edition Jason Kendall Multi-occasion […]


Postgame Press Conference Features RR and the Tabasco Overloardz!

Noticed this the whole time Roenicke was talking, pretty much. It just seems to fit. The anger—it was real. No doubt, it was real. Our hometown and/or favorite team’s right fielder took a seemingly innocent* hit on the rear, but, think if that were just up a bit higher, and it would have been the […]


A Victory in the 13th Inning – The Milwaukee County Zoo Reacts

- – – Clarification (ahem) regarding one of the birds in this drawing:   Honestly, I felt like the Brewers had a very good chance of winning maybe less than half the time, even though I knew they’ve been skilled and lucky in extra innings & close games…but I couldn’t help and think of the […]

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The Milwaukee County Zoo does not like watching Bronson Arroyo face the Brewers

*Note these pairings and locations of animals would not be realistic in any responsible zoo setting, and, therefore, I am not implying that the Milwaukee County Zoo administration and staff would ever allow this to go on, due to various hazards that would certainly follow. Also, no, turtles obviously can’t stand up like that. That’s […]

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When Tyler Thornburg is in a Collage…

    …a collage once inhabited by an inning of the Dock Ellis no-hitter—it might be something, perhaps, along these lines:   end of that artwork                  (They should make things like this for the HR Derby, I say)  

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Stuff involving the Brewers / (with that one Reynolds picture)

I’m trying to keep track of the Brewers in a way that doesn’t remind me about all of the problems the Brewers are having and about to have. This is not going to be a regular feature. It’s a guide to happy thoughts. The Brewers starting 5 have the second-lowest BB/9 in MLB, at 2.27 […]


When Matt Garza Becomes Wario Matt Garza – [TheBrewersBar-016]

Welcome to this season’s first official Brewers Theme Music event! As you may or may not remember from last season, this is a semi-regular feature of mine where I base an instrumental (in most cases, although, not all. There was that embarrassing singing attempt out of spring training) on either a player, possibly a mascot […]

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Yovani Gallardo – In Support of LGBT Marriage Equality

I’ll admit, I’m over a year and-a-half behind on this news, but, it turns out Milwaukee Brewers RHP, Yovani Gallardo (who is off to a nice start this season-including 30th amongst MLB starters in WAR, with a 0.3 fWAR in just 2 starts) lent his image and name to the worthy cause cause of marriage […]

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Khris Davis – Fenway Illustration 4/6/14

Khris Davis’s diving catch to deny Jonny Gomes–(not illustrated)–a potential 1-out khrush hit (b4th inning) was one of the many reasons to believe Khris Davis enjoyed his great all-around series at Fenway Park immensely. 

We’ve been taunted, perhaps…

So, apparently, some perhaps do not like it that Ryan Braun got a standing ovation at today’s opening day event (Proof via Hardballtalk). In which case, I offer a dramatic reenactment, a la Monty Python and the Holy Grail… In addition, here’s my own reaction to those specifically opposed to our cheering. Cover your ears, maybe. […]

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It’s an Aramis Worrrrrrrllllld…

It's the world of Aramis Ramirez, where we all merely exist as he stares into our soulllllls…     – – – Special thanks to The Termeiznator/BCB legend Dikembe Meiztombo for asking me to make an Aramis design for his fantasy team. That basically got me to finally draw a Milwaukee Brewers player, since I've […]