Brewers Made Two Attempts at Greinke

Even if we’re not going to see Lorenzo Cain dangled for more pitching, we did get at least one juicy tidbit of information on the first day of the winter meetings. Tom Haudricourt says that made two (seemingly legitimate) attempts to trade for Royals ace Zack Greinke. Kansas City’s asking price was too high, and […]

14 Reasons to Like the Marcum Deal

After taking the night to sleep on the Brett Lawrie-Shaun Marcum swap, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like the deal. In fact, I was able to come up with 14 reasons why I like the deal: 1. Marcum’s ERA/FIP/xFIP in the brutal AL East? 3.64/3.74/3.90. I’m not so sure even Yovani Gallardo could […]

Haudricourt: Brewers Trade for Marcum

Apparently the Brewers aren’t waiting long to get busy during Winter Meetings Week — Dave Cameron notes that last season, Marcum actually had a higher K/9 and lower BB/9 than Zack Greinke. That’ll get people excited. Stuff-wise, Marcum isn’t going to chuck fastballs at 95 MPH, but he’s like Yovani Gallardo in that he has […]

Gonzalez Trade Tells Us Nothing About Prince

Unless you’ve been under a rock today, you’ve probably heard that the Padres are trading Adrian Gonzalez to the Red Sox for three of Boston’s Top 10 prospects. Of course, as a fan of the Brewers, the first thing that I thought about was what this means for Prince Fielder. The only problem is that […]

Brewers Trade Villanueva to Toronto

And you thought the Brewers were done after last night’s tender deadline. Apparently making it past the deadline didn’t mean Carlos Villanueva was safe, as

Four Non-Tenders the Brewers Should Think About

MLB Trade Rumors counts 50 players that were non-tendered on Thursday. The question now for Doug Melvin — ever the bargain-hunter — is if there are any names worth pursuing.· Looking over the list myself, here are four non-tenders that I thought might be worth looking into: OF Tony Gwynn Non-Tendered By: San Diego 2010 […]

Todd Coffey Non-Tendered (Update: Inglett, Too)

The Brewers probably won’t officially announce their tender offers until the 11 p.m. deadline, but Tom Haudricourt is reporting that Todd Coffey will be one of the non-tendered players. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise — when I wrote about possible non-tender candidates a couple days ago, Coffey was the only player I […]

Doug Melvin On Weeks’ Strikeouts

Doug Melvin was on WSSP for a 20+ minute interview early in the week, and the most newsworthy thing he discussed was a potential extension for Rickie Weeks. You all know my feelings on this (SIGN THIS MAN), but something else stuck out to me while Melvin was talking about Weeks. For the most part, […]

More Brewers Projections – 2011 ZiPS

More projections for next season are out, as Dan Szymborski posted his Brewers ZiPS numbers on Tuesday. You’ll notice things aren’t as rosy as the Bill James projections. The highlights (other than a classic line from Szymborski:”Wolf, Bush, and Narveson ate a lot of innings, but threw too many of them back up on the […]

To Tender Or Not To Tender

With the deadline to tender players a contract coming up on Thursday, I was planning on posting about who was likely to be tendered (or more accurately, non-tendered) sometime in the next couple days.  Looks like Tom Haudricourt beat me to the punch on that one, though, breaking down the Brewers’ seven arbitration-eligible players into […]

Bud Selig, Marquette Faculty Member

According to the Badger Herald, MLB Commissioner and former Brewers owner Bud Selig has formally been added to the faculty at Marquette Law School.  Selig has been giving lectures in sports law and policy since the Spring semester of 2009, and the classes are understandably popular. The dean of Marquette Law School, Joseph Kearney, had […]

Dave Nilsson Thought About a Comeback?

Brewers news has been a little hard to come by lately with the holiday weekend, so we’ll settle for the next best thing: ex-Brewers news.  Former Brewers catcher Dave Nilsson hasn’t played baseball competitively since representing Australia in the 2006 World Baseball Classic, but he’s still involved with the game back in his home country.  […]

Doug Melvin’s Black Friday Deals

Hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving.  Of course, now we’re in the holiday stretch run, and millions of crazy people stood in line this morning for various doorbuster sales.  In case you didn’t know, retailers aren’t the only ones slashing prices and offering great deals today — baseball executives like Doug Melvin are, too:  Now […]

Boggs Signing Doesn’t Mean Gomez is Done

The Brewers may not be connected to many exciting names so far this offseason, but it sure looks like Doug Melvin knows what he’s looking for, and he’s acting quickly to fill those spots.  After signing hefty righty Zack Segovia to a minor league deal earlier this week, Melvin again made a relatively low-profile move, […]