What do the Brewers need to do this offseason?

I’m pretty sure that things weren’t supposed to end the way they did. Nearly 10 months after the foundation for this team was laid with the trades for Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum, the Brewers have been eliminated from the postseason. As irrational as it is to be disappointed in a team that came within […]

Remember the ride, not the finish

Right now, it’s going to hurt. It’s okay to be sad, mad or confused about how things ended. The last two games of the Brewers’ season were hard to watch, and they were two wins away from the World Series. But please, for the love of God, refrain from calling this season a failure. This […]

The Cardinals just don’t swing-and-miss

With Shaun Marcum getting ready to start Game 6 of the NLCS with the Brewers’ season on the line, a lot has been made about Marcum’s inability to draw swinging strikes over the past month or so. In both of his postseason starts, it was pretty clear he wasn’t fooling anyone — his stuff lacks […]

Randy Wolf turns it around in the NLCS

Maybe it’s a bit of an overdramatization to say Randy Wolf pitched the “game of his life” on Thursday, like so many have already said. Maybe it isn’t. All that really matters, though, is that the Brewers won Game 4, 4-2, on 7 strong innings from Wolf. The only blemishes on his line were two […]

A look at the Brewers’ hottest postseason hitters

If you’ve paid any attention to the Brewers’ last week, you’ve seen some crazy stuff. Take Friday night, when Yuniesky Betancourt and Carlos Gomez had what were arguably the two biggest hits of the game. Or Sunday, when the Brewers’ huge (chances of winning went from 19 to 87%) fifth inning was bookended by a […]

NLCS Down to Best of Five

It’s hard enough for fans to take a 12-3 loss in the regular season. It’s even harder to swallow a 12-3 loss in the NLCS. And yet the game only counts once in the series. The NLCS is a best-of-five now, and the series is headed to a venue in which the Brewers have won […]


A quick look at Greinke’s curveball usage

Zack Greinke was roughed up a bit in Game 1 of the NLCS, with the Cardinals jumping on just about every mistake. On Sunday, most of those mistakes came with his curveball, which he threw over 33% of the time. Over at, I took a look at Greinke’s curveball usage as the season went […]

NLCS Q&A: C70 At The Bat

The Brewers and Cardinals have only had one day off following their respective NLDS Game 5 victories, but the soundbites provided (and often presented out of context) on Saturday has made the wait unbearable. The two teams will start another round in what should be a back-and-forth fight this afternoon. To get ready for the […]


Final Thoughts on the NLDS

The entirety of the NLDS between the Brewers and Diamondbacks was torture. And it was awesome. Welcome to playoff baseball, Milwaukee, and not the kind you saw in 2008. That year was different — the Brewers stumbled in September, righted themselves enough to go 7-5 under Dale Sveum, and snuck into October thanks to the […]

Brewers Beat Arizona in Extras, Advance to NLCS

I promise to have level-headed, reasoned analysis of the Brewers’ NLDS win over the Diamondbacks sometime in the near future. For now, I’m just going to be doing the Carlton.

Why Milwaukee Has the Edge in Game 5

When so much importance is placed on one game, it’s inevitable that said game is going to be analyzed to death before and after it has been completed (anyone ever watched Super Bowl Media Day?), and I’m happy to help fulfill the first end of that proposition. Given that a single game is a small […]

Wolf loses command, Brewers lose NLDS lead

It probably goes without saying that Arizona is not a place where you want to hang breaking and off-speed stuff. Chase Field historically treats hitters well, but Baseball-Reference has the D’Backs launching pad at a park factor of 107 for this season. That’s so hitter-friendly, it’s almost absurd. The park itself isn’t to blame, but […]

Roenicke making right move by starting Hairston

If you’ve been watching the NLDS (I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you have), you’ve not only seen some excellent baseball, but have seen a fine battle of wits between two rookie managers, the Brewers’ Ron Roenicke and Arizona’s Kirk Gibson. While it’s easy to place too much value on the […]

Gallardo’s start among best in Brewers’ playoff history

It might not sound that impressive considering the Brewers’ short playoff history, but the start Yovani Gallardo turned in for Game 1 of the National League Division Series against Arizona is one of the best postseason starts the Brewers have ever seen. Gallardo struck out nine batters over eight innings of work, with the only […]

Do the Brewers have the “secret sauce” for success?

Even if there is only a moderate amount of drama among Brewers fans surrounding the one game left to be played, there is a lot of anxiety surrounding what could happen over the next few weeks. The 2011 Brewers are arguably the best club Milwaukee has seen since ’82, and to go this far in […]