Infield Depth a Concern for Crew

Photo: Cal Sport Media The Brewers’ infield is somewhat in flux going into the offseason, particularly at the shortstop position.  While the team will likely have much the same crew of regulars around the bases (first base: probably Corey Hart, second base: Rickie Weeks, third: Aramis Ramirez), shortstop is a position that will have some […]

Moving On (Sort Of)

I don’t think there’s a ton to say here, so I’ll try and keep this brief: When I first started contributing to The Brewers Bar in 2011, I was absolutely thrilled to have a place where I could not only write about the Brewers but have an audience. When Jaymes moved on in February, I […]


Helter-Skelter Brewers Banter, or: A Note on False Idols

Let’s not do anything rash… There are a number of free agent starting pitchers the Milwaukee Brewers could consider this offseason, and Joe Saunders might be near the top of the list in terms of affordability and credentials.  This report suggests the Brewers could have interest in Saunders as a stop-gap solution to the holes […]


Randy Wolf Out for 2013

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images   According to a report, former Brewers lefty Randy Wolf will miss the entire 2013 season due to the need to undergo Tommy John surgery.  Wolf, 36, tore a ligament in September against the Red Sox in Boston.  The veteran plans to return to the big leagues following rehab.  Wolf’s […]

My 2012 Brewers Blogosphere Awards Ballot

My Ballot for the 2012 Brewers Blogosphere Awards went like this:MVP Braun Ramirez Gallardo Braun was just off-the-charts awesome and was the heart and soul of the team.  Ramirez, though he had me wondering over the first half of the season, really showed up in the second half and made a huge impact.  Gallardo deserved […]

2012 Brewers Blogosphere Awards Ballot

The results of the 3rd annual Brewers Blogosphere Awards were released on Disciples of Uecker today.  Nick Michalski, Kevan Feyzi, and yours truly all cast ballots on behalf of The Brewers Bar, which we’ll publish, along with explanations, today. Here’s mine: MVP 1. Ryan Braun2. Aramis Ramirez3. Norichika Aoki Braun and Ramirez, in my opinion, were […]

Looking At Brewers Arby Projections: Part 2

Yesterday, we previewed five of the arbitration cases the Brewers will face this offseason. Today, we’ll look at the remaining four: Carlos Gomez, Nyjer Morgan, Travis Ishikawa, and Kameron Loe. Kameron Loe: third year, $2.18 million (2012), $2.6 million (2013 projected) Loe is another reliever whose fate will depend on Doug Melvin’s master plan to […]

Looking At Brewers Arby Projections: Part 1

Photo: Gene J. Puskar / AP   Today, MLB Trade Rumors released their “Offseason Outlook” for the Brewers, looking at almost every major-league move the club might make this winter. The series itself is fantastic – though I would disagree with the writer’s suggestion that the Brewers should look into adding a shortstop – but the […]


The Problem of Evil

As my girlfriend and I were cursing the Baseball Gods for indulging the St. Louis Cardinals and their latest improbable comeback Friday night versus the Washington Nationals, we hit upon a rather interesting question: does the St. Louis Cardinals’ (and by extension, the New York Yankees’) phenomenal on-field success over the years present a ‘problem […]

Dillard and Chulk Free Agents, K-Rod Arrested

Brewers news has been somewhat sparse since the season ended, but the club recently severed ties with a couple members of last year’s squad, and we’ve just now learned of an incident that may affect the future of another: – Per MLB Trade Rumors, right-handers Tim Dillard and Vinnie Chulk both elected to become minor-league […]

Random Musings on the Arizona Fall League

If you enjoy following the Brewers minor-league system (or if your ideal baseball game is an 11-10 slugfest), the Arizona Fall League might be of some interest to you. The league was designed to be a sort of “finishing school” for top prospects, and is a popular destination for both professional and amateur talent evaluators. […]


Time for ‘Tony Bon Voyage’

Outfielder Nyjer Morgan was a great pickup for the Milwaukee Brewers prior to the 2011 season.  He already had some experience in the majors, he had mojo to burn and proved to be a fierce competitor, to a fault.  He was also fairly inexpensive, salary-wise, and the Brewers obtained him from the Nats for Cutter […]

A Brewer Fan’s Guide to the Wild-Card Round

Photo: Joy B. Absalon/U.S. Presswire  Right now, it’s not a terribly exciting time to be a Brewers fan. As fun as the club’s torrid September was for everyone involved, it wasn’t enough to sneak into the playoffs, forcing us all to face the painful truth that we’ve seen our last Brewers game until next April. The […]


The Brewers Failed But It Was Fun While It Lasted

Photo: John Axford warming up before blowing the save September 27, 2012. Naturally, Reds fans next to me heckled him before he entered the game.(All Photos by Nick Michalski) The Milwaukee Brewers came up short in their quest to sneak into the 2012 playoffs but they made the month of September a lot of fun.  That’s probably […]

Trying to Remember Shaun Marcum Objectively

As strange as it seems, Shaun Marcum has most likely thrown his last pitch with the Brewers. The right-hander made his last scheduled start of the season Monday night, allowing a pair of runs in six innings and striking out two. A couple weeks after the end of the World Series, he will become a […]