A Transplanted Brewers Fan’s Take on the Demise of the Metrodome

(Image: OK, well since it's the Cardinals, we'll let this slide….)   Over at Brew Crew Ball, Kyle Lobner wrote a nice piece on the closing of the Metrodome, which saw its 32-year run end after the Minnesota Vikings’ last game there Sunday.  That got me thinking about back when I moved to Minneapolis to […]


Mike Hegan “Has Been Hitting Like Fury”

(Image: With the onset of darkness and dreary indoor living that come with snow and cold, I retreat into books at times.  That statement is especially true if Doug Melvin has seen his shadow recently ensuring six more weeks of hot stove-less purgatory.  Just a few days ago I pulled out my copy of […]


Free Agent Fantasyland: Jerome Williams to Milwaukee Brewers

(Image: These dark days it seems like the Brewers can’t afford to sign anyone, even players who make the league minimum or would play for free.  When the team can’t figure out an Ike Davis trade or a Justin Smoak trade (or anything else for that matter, besides Aoki for Will Smith) that could […]

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Fact: Happy Birthday, Vinnie Chulk

Happy Birthday, Vinnie Ch–whoa! – – – I'll try this, again…   Maybe this looks like it was written by cats. I checked, and it was written by cats… Happy Birthday, Vinnie Chulk (fact)* 35th birthday, to be exact (fact)**   h/t Brewcrewball * / ** – because it's not in Kyle's or this site […]

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Carlos Gomez Theme Music

  Theme song! Carlos Gomez : .284/.338 .843 OPS .222 ISO .363 wOBA – .344 BABIP his 2013 LD% went up to a splendid 21.3% from 16.6% in 2012) 24 HR/40 SB | 24.4 UZR 38 DRS – 7.6 WAR Before moving onto the music, meant to celebrate the above and everything beyond that: p. […]


Corey Hart – A Baseball Card

Front – The makings of a familiar-looking swing.     Back:   Why, yes–I actually did buy a graded Corey Hart 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Card In 2009 (I don't believe they were called the Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects series at that point, but, I could be wrong). Look at that guy. Well…so […]


First Base for Brewers’ Sake: Logan Morrison versus Ike Davis

(Image: The Milwaukee Brewers seem to be in a holding pattern at the moment at baseball’s Winter Meetings, though hopefully that’s only on the surface.  Tom Haudricourt reports the team is keeping an eye on veteran bullpen arms, but the main focus is how to answer that nagging question of who will be the […]


Top 5 Norichika Aoki Moments

(Image: Morry Gash/AP) I would guess most Brewers fans think it’s a shame that the Norichika Aoki era came to an end earlier this week (unless he pulls a Betancourt).  There are plenty of players that fans like to gripe about, but it’s hard to remember Aoki generating any animosity in his two seasons in Milwaukee.  […]


Easy Decision: Build a Streetcar Line to Miller Park

(Image: Via   “The Milwaukee Streetcar will…establish a successful initial system that will allow for practical expansions in the future as funding allows and market demand dictates. Without this start, a modern, fixed-rail transit system that connects people to jobs and daily needs will never EXPAND CITY-WIDE.”   Debates on mass transit are […]


MLB Annual Drug Report Says 122 Players Use PEDs (But are Not Cheaters)

(Image: Gary Porter) Last week, Ryan Braun made his first unscripted remarks to the press following his suspension and the revelation he had lied about PED use.  Very little new information came out of it, and it seems clear Braun is unwilling to provide the juicy details most fans and pundits have been hoping for.  […]