A worthy comment.

A guy name Andrew posted the following in repsonse to my letter to the MJS sports editor, but given that the comments didn’t survive the transition that our blog made here at MVN, I thought I’d repost it and respond to it. Forgive me for perhaps also being “naive” here, but I’m wondering if your […]

My letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sports Editor

Dear Editor: Tom Haudricourt’s December 25th article entitled “Brewers play market, profitâ€? is both biased and naîve. It is one thing to mention, as a point in favor of Suppan’s character, that he will donate $100,000 annually to Brewers Charities Inc. That’s a good thing, yes — though many of the big contracts signed in […]

Tryin’ To Be Upbeat About the Suppan Signing

Well, if you’ve been reading out site, you’ll recall that both Robert and I have our doubts about Jeff Suppan’s effectiveness and/or consistency…but with a 4-year deal signed, sealed, and delivered, some of the positives to come out of the signing include: 1. Chris Capuano could be alot more successful…especially if he’s bumped down to […]