What the Brewers Could’ve Gotten for Hardy

When we ran a poll asking what you thought about the J.J. Hardy-for-Carlos Gomez trade, most of you said that you didn’t like the deal because Hardy should have brought more in return, or at least a starting pitcher for next season. For the past week or so, we’ve heard rumors that Hardy could’ve netted […]

Is Edwin Jackson Worth Gamel?

One rumor we keep hearing a lot has the Brewers being interested in the services of Detroit’s Edwin Jackson. Detroit seems determined to cut some payroll, and after a solid 2009 season, Jackson is due for a nice little raise in arbitration this winter. It makes since that the Brewers would be interested — Jackson […]

McCalvy: Brewers, Mulder Still Talking

While dreams of big-name pitchers dance in our heads, the reality is that Doug Melvin & Co. will likely have to turn to a reclamation project or two if they’re planning to improve the starting rotation. Mark Mulder was a name that was mentioned awhile ago, and when the Brewers hired his former Oakland pitching […]

Breaking News: Melvin, Brewers pass on Braden Looper

As just reported on, Brewers’ GM Doug Melvin opted not to exercise the Brewers’ option on starter Braden Looper for the 2010 season. Even if Looper had the most wins for the Brewers in 2009 (with 14), his 5.22 ERA isn’t worthy of the $6.5 payday Looper would have received had the Brewers elected […]

Heether’s addition to 40-man means…

Brewers’ GM Doug Melvin added Sounds’ versatile infielder Adam Heether to the Brewers’ 40-man roster on Monday. This move means either: a. Heether has been identified as valuable trade bait; or b. Heether figures to replace Craig Counsell as the Brewers’ back-up middle infielder in 2010; or c. Heether will play again in AAA, only […]

Is Lackey Actually Realistic?

The Brewers need a front-line starter. John Lackey is a front-line starter that’s looking for A.J. Burnett money. Burnett got 5 years and $82.5 million from the Yankees last offseason. I don’t see a match, but apparently some people in the know do. Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman bucked conventional wisdom yesterday,

Where Will Gomez Hit?

Well, like it or not, Carlos Gomez and his .292 career OBP will now be a prominent member of the Brewers’ starting lineup and likely the team’s new everyday centerfielder. The only question now is where Gomez will hit in the Brewers’ order. Given his speed and base-stealing ability, it seems like he’s destined to […]

BREAKING NEWS: Brewers trade Hardy for CF; put Cameron’s future in doubt

Wow, that was fast. Earlier this week, a Minnesota paper reported that the Twins were going to deal a pitcher to the Brewers for J.J. Hardy. They were half right. On Friday, the Brewers dealt long-time shortstop J.J. Hardy to the Minnesota Twins for centerfielder Carlos Gomez. While the trading of Hardy was widely expected, […]

Offseason, Day One: Decision Time

As noted by Adam McCalvy today, the Brewers have seven players eligible for free agency now that the World Series are over, as well as two players — Braden Looper and David Weathers — who have options that need to be addressed within the next 10 days. Mike Cameron, Jason Kendall, Frank Catalanotto, Craig Counsell, […]

The Rise of Smart Big Market Baseball; Downfall of Small Market Cinderellas?

Forgive me, but I’m going to spend a few minutes crying about how unfair the game can be. Since big market clubs started signing the best talent to contracts small market clubs could never dream of affording, the only hope for the little guys was the fact that often times, teams like the Yankees and […]

Reclamation Projects — The Way to Go?

The Brewers need starting pitching. That much was clear as early as July, and it’s still clear with just a few days remaining before the offseason officially begins. The only problem? Starting pitching — even below average starting pitching — doesn’t come cheap in the free agent market. The Brewers are a team with limited […]

Spring Training Schedule Released

Let the countdown begin. The Brewers released their 2010 Spring Training schedule today, giving us all a chance to start looking ahead to next season while we wait for the World Series to finish. The unofficial first pitch of the 2010 season will be thrown at 2:05 PM on Thursday, March 4, when the Brewers […]

Is Hardy a Non-Tender Candidate?

A bit of doom and gloom in Buster Olney’s most recent blog post for ESPN — with a wave of young stars constantly raising the bar in arbitration cases, some of Olney’s sources maintain that players are starting to get more through arby hearings than they would get on the open market. The result? We […]

Phillies Easy to Root For

If the first two games of the 2009 World Series have taught us anything, it’s that we should be in for a long series. Fans in New York and Philadelphia still have reason to watch every game intently, but what about the rest of us? Tons of fans simply tune out once their team is […]