Thanks for an Awesome 2010

The year is coming to an end, so I just wanted to spend a few minutes saying thanks for all the support in the past year. It’s been a rocky 12 months or so, dealing with our old home of MVN shutting down, keeping things warm on Blogspot while waiting for a new home, and […]

Baseball Bloggers Alliance Hall of Fame Ballot

As you’re all probably aware, The Brewers Bar is part of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, a group of baseball blogs that “fosters communication and collaboration amongst bloggers across baseball.” As you may remember, the BBA collaborates on things like postseason awards, and since this is Hall of Fame Voting Season, we also provide “recommendations” for […]

Miller Park’s Concession Contest (We’re Fat for a Reason)

In what’s actually a pretty cool idea, the Brewers are holding a contest that allows fans to submit recipes, with the winner getting their item added to the list of concessions at Miller Park next season. Since this is Wisconsin, I’m not exactly anticipating steamed broccoli being named the winner. I jokingly threw the idea […]

Goodbye, Chris Capuano

Tom Haudricourt reports that Chris Capuano has agreed to part ways with the organization: General manager Doug Melvin told me today that both sides agreed to break off negotiations with left-hander Chris Capuano after the Brewers added Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke to the starting rotation in recent weeks. “Chris wants to be a starting […]

Brewers Add Saito to Bullpen Mix

Takashi Saito is coming to Milwaukee, according to a report by Nikkan Sports that was translated by the Japanese baseball blog

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas…

Hope you all had a happy and safe holiday. While Christmas Day may be coming to a close, that doesn’t mean we should stop celebrating just yet. I was a little negative with my Festivus Airing of Grievances, so to make up for it, here’s the 12 Days of Christmas, Brewers Edition: On the first […]

Airing Some Brewers Grievances

It’s December 23, and you know what that means — it’s Festivus! As always, Festivus begins with the Airing of Grievances. Brewers, we’ve had a good past few weeks, but in the words of Frank Costanza, I’ve still got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re going to hear about it. ROENICKE! […]

Brewers Sign Reliever Sean Green

The Brewers continue to add inexpensive pieces to their bullpen, today signing former Mets reliever Sean Green to a one-year contract. Adam McCalvy reports that Green’s salary will be a non-guaranteed $875,000. Along with the official re-signing of Craig Counsell, the Brewers now only have one open spot remaining on the 40-man roster. Green missed […]

Minor League Signings Include Shortstop

While most of us were still coming down from our Zack Greinke highs (yes, that’s a countdown to Greinke/Opening Day in the left column), the Brewers snuck in and signed a slew of minor league guys and gave them invites to camp. While most of them just seem like warm camp bodies, there are a […]

The Brewers Bar Smart Phone Apps

It’s been a busy offseason for the Brewers, so why risk missing anything? If your phone runs on Android, you can download the Brewers Bar app by searching for it on the Market. It’s completely free, and with the app you’ll be able to read everything posted on the blog, as well as featured articles […]

Shedding Some Light on Betancourt’s Defense

When it comes to statistics, baseball is constantly evolving. For fans that either don’t have time to keep up on the new stats or don’t care to learn, seeing things like WAR, wOBA, and +/- can be more than a little daunting, and can reinforce any negative feelings they might have about those numbers. While […]

Where Do Brewers Rank With Greinke?

The addition of Zack Greinke rightfully has Brewers fans excited — the 1-2 punch of Greinke and Yovani Gallardo could potentially be better than the Sabathia-Sheets duo of late 2008, and the rotation as a whole could end up being one of the best in team history. Of course, the Brewers won’t be the only […]

Great Moments in Reaction: Zack Greinke Trade

When Yovani Gallardo got his contract extension last spring, I did Great Moments in Overreaction, based on the somehow overwhelmingly negative reaction. With the Brewers officially trading for Zack Greinke today, I thought it would be interesting to see what the Twittersphere was saying about the trade. Here are just a handful found by searching […]