All Star Game

What is the Argument in Favor of the All-Star Game “Counting?”

It has been well over a decade that the outcome of the MLB All-Star Game has determined home field advantage for the World Series.  Babies born in 2003, the first year that the All-Star Game “counted” are almost teenagers.  Those children have lived their whole lives in a world where commercials like this one remind […]


Default Position: Miller Park Features Indoor Baseball

(Photo: County Stadium had lots of bad-weather days, but the Brewers now elect to remove the outside world entirely for most games on the schedule.) On the Brewers’ website the team says it closes Miller Park’s roof unless it’s expected to be above 60 degrees for the duration of the game. Broadcaster Brian Anderson alluded […]


Talking Brewers Trade Rumors with Blue and Orange Nation

Over the last couple years we’ve had the opportunity to discuss baseball and possible trades with Mike from Blue and Orange Nation, a Mets-centric podcast.  Mike previously wrote for the great Mets blog 2 Guys Talking Mets Baseball. Happily Mike is here once again to answer some questions we had regarding the increasingly smoky rumors of […]

Brewers Continue Nine-Game Road Trip Against Twins, Pirates

The Milwaukee Brewers enter the weekend three games into their current nine-game road trip. Currently in last place of the National League Central division, the Brewers need to start piling up some wins to climb back into the playoff race. Milwaukee lost two out of three to the division-leading St. Louis Cardinals earlier in the […]

Slumping Brewers Still Returning Value With Solid Ticket Prices

Things haven’t gone according to plan for the Milwaukee Brewers, who enter June with the worst record in Major League Baseball. Ryan Braun has rebounded from a slow start to try to ignite the Brew Crew’s offense, but the performance just hasn’t been there from an overall perspective (just 198 runs scored). Milwaukee has also […]