Revisiting the Aoki-Smith Swap with Josh Duggan

After nearly three months of the 2014 season, the December 2013 Nori Aoki-Will Smith trade between the Milwaukee Brewers and Kansas City Royals looks like a brilliant move for Brewers GM Doug Melvin.  Smith has been a crucial part of the Brewers bullpen, but the lineup has shown a lingering vacancy in terms of a […]


Postgame Press Conference Features RR and the Tabasco Overloardz!

Noticed this the whole time Roenicke was talking, pretty much. It just seems to fit. The anger—it was real. No doubt, it was real. Our hometown and/or favorite team’s right fielder took a seemingly innocent* hit on the rear, but, think if that were just up a bit higher, and it would have been the […]

Measuring the Brewers’ Outfield Unit

Baseball is less of a unit-based sport than, say, football. For example, a defensive lineman’s ability to pressure the quarterback has a clear and straightforward effect on how the rest of the defense performs. In contrast, in baseball what one outfielder does has a relatively small impact on what the other outfielders do. Yet it […]


Brewers Wall of Honor is Just Spiffy

Yesterday the Brewers unveiled the new Wall of Honor display on the north side of Miller Park outside left field.  The brainchild of former Brewer player and current Brewer official Craig Counsell, the Wall is meant to commemorate players (plus Uecker and Selig) who left their mark on the franchise.  Individuals earn a spot on […]


A Victory in the 13th Inning – The Milwaukee County Zoo Reacts

- – – Clarification (ahem) regarding one of the birds in this drawing:   Honestly, I felt like the Brewers had a very good chance of winning maybe less than half the time, even though I knew they’ve been skilled and lucky in extra innings & close games…but I couldn’t help and think of the […]


Talking Brewers-Mets with Mike, Who Talks Mets a lot at 2 Guys Mets

I had the pleasure of chatting with Mike from the great Mets site 2 Guys Talking Mets Baseball about the series in New York which begins tonight between the Brewers and the Metropolitans.  We also discussed a variety of other topics, including some Mets fans’ unfulfilled wishes of landing Ryan Braun and the former Mets […]


No Sympathy for Fan Interference

Yesterday’s Brewers-Pirates game refuted the notion put forth by some casual baseball fans that a 1-0 game isn’t interesting.  If your heart wasn’t rattling your rib cage with every beat when K-Rod had two on with one out in the ninth, I wonder how you know you’re alive (in fairness, you may have a better […]

The Brewers and the MLB Draft

At this time of year, most Draft addicts are typically going through Mel Kiper withdrawal syndrome. Fortunately, draftniks do not need to wait too long before their next fix, and can enjoy the MLB Draft that begins on Thursday night. While it lacks the pizzazz and immediate impact of its football and basketball counterparts, picking […]