Could Brewers reap bennies from Miggy and D-Train trade?

Doug, Detroit is on line 1…Florida, line 2. With the deal the Tigers struck to acquire third baseman Miguel Cabrera and starting pitcher Dontrelle Willis, the Tigers now are interested in moving third baseman Brandon Inge or outfielder Marcus Thames, according to the Detroit Free Press (and Evan). Waait a second…the Brewers are looking for […]

Brews’ latest Hot Stove rumors

In scanning, there are 3 rumors making the circuit regarding the Brewers: Scott Rolen to Milwaukee for Chris Capuano and another player Julio Lugo and Jon Lester, plus two prospects, for Ben Sheets and J.J. Hardy Andruw Jones is interested in coming to Milwaukee My thoughts: Regarding Rolen…just say ‘no’–I’ve had Rolen on my […]

Brewers close to signing Riske

The Journal-Sentinel’s Tom Haudricourt is reporting on his blog that the Brewers are close to adding free agent reliever David Riske, an unrestricted Class B free agent, with a 3-year deal totalling at least $12 million in base pay. Riske, 31, has spent 8 years in the majors, strictly as a reliever, and exclusively in […]

The Winter Meetings (of our discontent)…Gwynn gone?

Adam McCalvy of posted his piece on the Brewers and their preparation for the 2007 Winter Meetings next week in Nashville. How ironic, in that a player in Nashville will likely get dealt. Looks like Tony Gwynn, Jr., isn’t on any radar map for the Brewers’ 2008 starting outfield, based on what McCalvy wrote: […]

Congrats to Ryan Braun: MVN’s NL Rookie of the Year

At the end of the 2007 season, MVN’s baseball writers cast ballots for several awards, including Rookie of the Year. The Brewers’ Ryan Braun won MVN’s NL R.O.Y. by a 32-22 vote margin over Colorado’s Troy Tulowitzki. Thank you for voting Ryan Braun as the National League Rookie of the Year. While generally considered somewhat […]

Prior on the block: Should Brewers bite?’s Buster Olney is reporting that the Chicago Cubs are shopping former 18 game winner Mark Prior. Should Doug Melvin be calling?  First, the 27 year-old Prior hasn’t shown any signs of excellence since his 11-7, 3.67, 188 K’s in 2005. Prior dipped in ’06, making only 9 starts, while mustering a 1-6 record and […]

Rule 5 still has me (and Doug Melvin) worried

A few weeks back, I did a post on the Brewers’ promising AAA pitchers. While everyone was watching the Francisco Cordero circus, Doug Melvin quietly added pitchers Tim Dillard and Luis Peña to the 40-man roster. published the rules of Rule 5: Eligibility: A player not on a team’s Major League 40-man roster is […]

To hell with Francisco Cordero

I thought waiting 24 hours after Coco Cordero signing with the Cincinnati Reds would be enough time for me to cool down and then give my thoughts on the signing. The truth is, I could wait all winter until Opening Day and I’d still be pretty bitter towards Cordero for doing what he did. I […]

More bad news: Cordero to ink with Reds; Linebrink to ChiSox is reporting that Francisco Cordero will sign with division rival Cincinnati: The Cincinnati Reds have reached preliminary agreement on a four-year, $46 million contract with closer Francisco Cordero, a baseball source confirmed Friday to Brewers general manager Doug Melvin told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he offered Cordero a four-year, $42 million deal with […]

Brewers didn’t want Estrada, Mets didn’t want Mota

So the Brewers and Mets make a trade and both teams’ fans couldn’t be happier. The Brewers get rid of a catcher that couldn’t throw out runners and seemed to be a clubhouse cancer. All that while not living up to his billing as a career .300 hitter. The Mets get rid of a middle […]

Good or bad news for Crew?

The Cleveland Indians signed Japanese closer Masahide Kobayashi on Tuesday. At first glimpse, this would appear to help Doug Melvin in his quest to re-sign Brewers’ closer Francisco Cordero, as there is one fewer team in the market for a closer (two if you believe the rumors that Mariano Rivera will re-sign with the Yankees). […]

BREAKING NEWS: Fielder (and Holliday) robbed of MVP

In yet another slap to the Milwaukee Brewers, Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies was named the NL MVP Tuesday. Huh? Just before the announcement, I looked at Rollins’ numbers versus Fielder’s–and Prince dominated in the three most important categories–HR’s, RBI’s, and OBP. Fielder’s numbers, respectively, were 50, 119, and .395; Rollins trailed with 30, 94, […]

Couple of sleepers for Brewers to consider

If Doug Melvin wants to deal any of the extra pitchers the Brewers have, in order to look at a couple outfielders, MLB Trade Rumors mentions two intriguing possibilities that might help the Crew’s outfield. The Mariners are purportedly not going to offer arbitration to 31 year-old Ben Broussard.  While Broussard was mostly used as a first baseman, he did […]

Doug Melvin: Arms Dealer

“Psst…hey, buddy? We’re looking for an old, reliable weapon that can decimate our enemy in 2-3 minutes. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, we already have lots of weapons…but we can trade them to others. Yeah, we still have that flamethrower that we bring in just before the end of the game that can sometimes […]

Melvin’s first signing: A bush-league reliever?

Doug Melvin jumped right into the 2007-2008 free agent market, and signed…Randy Choate? Choate spent most of ’07 in the minors save 2 games for the D-backs. His 2.98 ERA in AAA last year is overshadowed by his career 4.64 ERA in the majors. Oh, and he’s 32 years old. On the surface, this signing […]