Let’s Give Corey Hart One More Year

(Image Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America) Back when Corey Hart was going to arbitration hearings with the Milwaukee Brewers and the perception was that he was greedy and antagonistic toward the franchise, I never thought I’d say this: Bowling Green, Kentucky native Corey Hart is True Blue Brew Crew.  He’s the franchise’s longest-tenured player […]

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Miller Park Has Bears Part 2 – Parking area is shady.

Previously…(Part 1) – – – If you're wondering, that car is supposed to be a CRV/Honda, and drawing cars hasn't worked out for me during my brief illustrating career. I've got one. Here: (illustrator/author in CRV) I'll admit this looks terrible, but, I guarantee someone else took this. That would be reckless driving, otherwise. Except […]

To be continued

Miller Park Has Bears

  (end part 1) Illustrations/background photography [in panels w/ parking attendant] – by J. Lemont* *who, by the way, did not teach the bears to drive.


Does the Free-Agent Market Offer Any Starters in the Brewers’ Price Range?

(The Brewers need pitching, pitching, and more pitching.  Oh, and a first baseman). The exact dollar amount the Milwaukee Brewers have to use in the free-agent starting-pitching market this winter is unknown outside the club, and perhaps even internally.  As Adam Wieser of Disciples of Uecker pointed out in an analysis last week, the Brewers […]


This Robinade Cartoon is a Zombie

*Apologies for the 2nd posting of the cartoon, but, goblins got ahold of my old post and ghouls took the images while a couple of Robinade-sipping Draculas sipped the Robinade.    —–       —-   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * […]


What’ll You Have? Part 6: Tallgrass Brewing Co.’s 8-Bit Pale Ale, Please

Photo: (Editor’s note: This is the sixth installment in the What’ll You Have? beer-review series.  The fifth one went up back in August.) My first taste of the great beer made by Tallgrass Brewing Company is a little hazy but nostalgic in my mind.  It was at least two years ago or more, and […]

Everybody gets Robinade

– – – – – – –  ————————-              *Robin Yount would probably be in Arizona, not West Bend. Also, that may or may not be West Bend, WI, and — I may or may not be afraid of West Bend.  


Grading the 2013 Brewers via the Eyeball Test

  Grading on the Eyeball Test: Your 2013 Milwaukee Brewers It is the season for grading baseball teams and instead of doing research I’m going against the grain and have put together purely subjective, eyeball-test grades for the 2013 Brewers.  None of this is backed up by stats or much other than recollections and perceptions.  […]

Today in Tasting Your Own Medicine: A-Rod Lawsuit May Finally Force Selig to Answer Some Questions

(Image: AP/Richard Drew) Earlier this week, disgraced New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez sued MLB and Commissioner Bud Selig for the “witch hunt” that resulted in his 211-game PED suspension.  Since a suspension for the entirety of next season may effectively end the injury-plagued 38-year-old Rodriguez’s career, he has nothing to lose.  Although it’s […]


Johnny Hellweg Has a Song

Johnny Hellweg isn't a member of Radiohead…yet. Yet. (That's just a screenshot of the set, above) Here's the Johnny Hellweg song. It is a bit long in duration, despite fading it out very, very early! This is track 8 of the Brewers Bar music set. Although it hasn't all been terribly great music, there aren't […]


Here’s to Dale Sveum (What More Could He Have Done?)

(Image: Jared Wickerham/Getty) I can’t imagine many Brewers fans took joy in yesterday’s news that the Cubs fired Dale Sveum.  Although we’ve all had a good laugh at the Cubs’ expense over the last two years – with the Brewers going 26-10 against those jokers – it was a shame that Sveum had to take […]


10 Best Brewers Wins of 2013

(Image: Mike McGinnis/Getty) With the 2013 Brewers season now a part of history, we can say “at least they didn’t lose 90” and promptly forget about its low points.  Still, even though 2013 was mostly a bummer, it wasn’t all bad.  The Brewers did win 74 games, some of which were exhilarating.  Before we put […]


How Does that Kyle Lohse Signing Look with One Season of Hindsight?

(Image: AP/John Bazemore) As you may have heard, yesterday was Kyle Lohse’s last start of the 2013 season, and it turned out to be his best.  Now that Lohse’s first year with the Brewers is behind us, it’s worth reflecting on the contributions he made to the team during a disappointing season. When Lohse was signed, […]

The SausWashingtage 2

An Important Message from Sauswashington…

…to be deciphered and studied right away at any point, should you happen to care, and — to care right away. Right now, say! -Signed, (quickly, and in anticipation of being sought and forfeiting the pen…and forfeiting itself to those that would choose costumes over legumes…) Sauswashington